7 Tips for writing better on the web

To grow your business online, writing better for the web is a must. If you don’t communicate well in writing, you’ll struggle to grow online.

In this post:

7 Tips for Writing Better on the Web

In this article, I’m going to show you 7 tips for writing better on the web. These 7 tips for writing better on the web will help you, as an entrepreneur, grow online through better communication.

Your writing is one first impression, therefore make it a positive impression.

I’m sure our English teachers feel vindicated in the 21st century. Most students ignored grammar, writing style, and composition in school because we didn’t think we would need it anyway, right?

When you’re communicating online, you need to communicate well in writing. As an entrepreneur, you really need to communicate well.

No one is expecting you, as an entrepreneur, to write like a professional writer. But you should at least be able to communicate like the smart, confident expert you are. Here’s how!

Keep it short

People have short attention spans, so don’t get too wordy. Keep your writing short and to the point.

In case you didn’t notice, this is the one I struggle with. J

Don’t bury the lead

Studies show if someone doesn’t find what they are looking for in the first few seconds on a web page, they leave. With this in mind, start off stating the point of what you’re writing. Don’t bury the lead, as they say in journalism. Sell whatever blog post, social media post, or whatever you’re sharing in the first few sentences, then go into more detail once the reader is hooked.

Use active voice for better writing

Writing with active voice (vs. passive voice) keeps your writing interesting and lively. Many people find Active vs. passive voice complicated to grasp. I wrote a detailed post about active voice here.

Writing better goes beyond spell check

Obviously, spell check your work. However, don’t stop there. Programs like ProWritingAid, which I use, check your grammar and usage too. Making sure your grammar and usage is correct will help you improve your writing.

By using ProWritingAid, I can self-edit my social media posts, blog posts, articles, and emails before I ever hit send. This program tells me when there are better words or phrases I could use, lets me know when I am using passive voice instead of active, corrects grammar errors, and more. ProWritingAid also gives my writing a reading level, so I can keep my blog posts easy to read and understand.

Fact check before you post

Don’t just check your spelling and grammar. It is equally important to double check what you are writing and sharing. Just because someone published it online doesn’t make it true. Before you share anything at all online, do some research with reputable sources for the related industry accordingly (health, economic, etc.).

Sharing untrue things can dilute your personal and professional brand.

Writing better means writing to serve

When creating any piece of content, especially in a professional setting, consider your audience first.

  • What do they need from you?
  • Are you serving your target audience with this content (even if it is just giving them a smile with a funny but relevant meme)?
  • Does this content align with your company’s values (or your personal values)?

As you create any content online, consider your target audience and customers. Think about their needs relative to your industry first. Finally, write to your audience and their needs to serve them with your expertise.

Interlink content

Don’t assume your readers know how to find additional information on your website, or even that they understand concepts you reference in your posts.

Linking your content to older pieces of content that further explain concepts and ideas:

  • Helps your readers by providing them with additional information
  • Helps search engines and readers find your content
  • Helps prevent older content from becoming buried with time

Ultimately, as an entrepreneur or business owner on the internet, your written communication matters. Your content may be one of the first interactions potential customers have with you and your company. Hence, doing all you can to make an accurate first impression and serve your target market with what you post on your website and social media strengthens your brand and helps you grow.

7 Tips for Writing Better on the Web for entrepreneurs and online business owners.
Take action
with these recommended next steps:
  1. Keep your writing short and to the point.
  2. Check your spelling, grammar, style and usage in your writing using a program like ProWritingAid.
  3. Fact check your writing to prevent diluting your brand with untrue information.
  4. Write with the goal of serving your readers with your expertise.
  5. Link your writing to other posts, articles, and resources to help your readers if they want to learn more.
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