Book and eBook Design Services

Do you need amazon kpd ebook design or print book design services?

Let me help you give your book or ebook the best possible start with professional design services. I design books and ebooks and book and ebook covers for indie authors like you for Amazon KDP
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I design books and ebooks (and covers) for indie authors

So you’ve invested the time and effort into writing your book, ebook, or workbook. That was only half the battle. To give your book the best chance of success, let me help you make your book’s cover design and layout look amazing.  I design book and ebook covers, print book interiors, and Amazon KDP ebook design too (optimized for Amazon Kindle and other eReaders). 

I love helping indie authors like you give your books and ebooks a professional layout and design for both the interior and the cover. I’ve created the book and ebook design for books published on Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform. Let me help you with your Amazon KDP eBook design!

I’ve designed the interiors and covers for dozens of books and eBooks over the years, from simple lead magnets and workbooks, to published planner journals (“low content books”) and Amazon KDP published books and ebooks.  My interest in applying my design skills to books and ebooks started with publishing my own books and bloomed from there. 

The First Step to working with me on your Design Project

First, I’d love to schedule a call with you (using Zoom or Google Meet) so we can discuss your project and answer questions we have for each other. This helps us both get on the same page about the project and expectations around the project. 

Number Two Step to working with me on your design project

Next, I’ll research your niche and competition, as well as best practices within your book category, and create a cover layout for your project using the information you have provided me. This includes any photos you want me to use and the wording (or “copy”) for the cover project. 

I’ll also take your manuscript and format it as a print-ready pdf for the book size you have selected, with a table of contents, copyright page, page numbers, and any other features we’ve discussed. I’ll also create an eReader optimized eBook version of your book, with a clickable table of contents and chapter breaks. My ebooks are optimized for Amazon KDP ebook design, but will look good on other ereaders. 

If I catch any typos or grammar errors while I’m formatting, I’ll ask you your preference about correcting them. I am a design service, not a proofreading service, however, so someone should  professionally proofread your book before you hire me. 

Step three in working with me on your design project

Finally, I’ll present you with the completed first draft of your project. If there are any changes, I’m happy to fix those.

No one likes projects that go on forever! I work hard to be accurate the first time around, but I know design tweaks are inevitable. I offer 3 rounds of revisions in the price of my design services. After 3 rounds of revisions, I’ll offer you a quote for additional changes. 

I’ll make sure to format your book files for Amazon KDP and any other publishing service you are using, to avoid headaches at publishing time. 

Are you ready to publish your book?

My Book and eBook design services include:

  • Book interior design to printer specs
  • eBook interior design, optimized for Amazon Kindle
  • Book and eBook cover design
  • Social Media optimized mockups for marketing purposes

My Book and eBook design services start at $250. 

For a detailed quote and more information, use the button to contact me. Then I’ll set up a free, no-obligation call with you to discuss your project in more detail.

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