for your business website, focus on this first

With your business website, focus on this first!

Staring a blank page or Word Doc is intimidating, isn’t it? Where should a business putting their website together focus first? Helping many businesses with their websites, I’ve noticed this can be a real challenge for entrepreneurs. The tendency is to want to tell all about how you got there, the story of your business

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The Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting

When you get a website, there are a few things you’ll need up front. One of those is Web Hosting, which is a recurring fee for hosting your website’s files, and allowing your website to be displayed to anyone who visits your site’s address.  Web hosting options vary greatly, depending on your needs and budget. 

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Increasing Conversions on a Website

Web Design Tips for Increasing Conversions

How do you design a website to do what you want it to do for your company? This is the topic of an article by Minuca Elena that I was interviewed for recently. Conversions?!? In terms of web design (and marketing), “conversions” refers to your customer taking the action you want them to take. This

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Managing Business Connections

Managing business connections in ClickUp

As an entrepreneur and freelancer, I’m constantly making contacts and finding business connections with other entrepreneurs who want to know more about my services. Sometimes I make this connection casually, through one of those serendipitous divine appointments we’ve all had. Other times, the connection is more deliberate, such as attending a networking event or local

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