4 Essential Thoughts for Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name provides an address for your website. When your contacts and leads want to check your site out, this is what they’ll be typing into the address bar of their favorite web browser. Let me share some tips for choosing a domain name that works best for you.

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4 Essential Thoughts on Choosing a Domain Name for your website

First and foremost, when choosing a domain name, as with anything else, think of your audience. They are the ones you’re creating this website for. You’re writing to them. You’re trying to reach them. So, think of your audience when picking out your website’s domain name.

What does considering your audience look like when choosing a domain name?

When choosing a domain name, make sure it is:

Memorable. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, and sticks in your mind. You don’t want an awkward name when choosing a domain name.

Easy to type. Avoid domain names that might have spelling errors or be difficult to type, especially on a cell phone. Leave off hyphens. Try to avoid double letters. People miss the second “d” in my domain name all the time!

Short. Go for shorter domain names rather than long ones. Choosing a shorter domain name makes it easier to type, easier to remember, and less confusing. Some experts recommend keeping your domain name between 6-14 characters. Imagine you’re driving down the freeway and you see a sign for a website you want to check out later. If your domain name is too long, remembering it will be difficult.

Unique. Avoid any domain name that someone might confuse for another company or another website.

Let me share more great tips for choosing a domain name:

1. Use .com whenever possible

ICANN allowed many new domain extensions in recent years. I wrote more about this in another blog post on domain names.

I even use one of these newer domain extensions: thoughtsanddesigns.studio.

However, many people still type in .com out of habit when trying to reach a specific website. So, wherever possible, opt to use .com for your website.

As newer domain extensions become commonplace, this will be less of an issue.

Domain extensions depend on your audience and users, too. Would your average customer understand your website doesn’t use a .com at the end of it?

2. Use Keywords in your Domain Name where Possible

Keywords are words or phrases your customers might use when searching the internet to find a website like yours. For example, I’m a designer and I also create artwork relating to inspirational quotes. My business and domain is “thoughtsanddesigns.studio” which works for what I do.

3. Research your domain name

You don’t want your website to be confused with someone else’s if you can help it. Before starting your website, or buying your domain name, search the domain name possibilities (without the extension) and see what comes up.

Take the time to search the trademark database for your chosen domain name to ensure the name isn’t trademarked. You can research trademarks here.

4. Make it brandable

You want to use your company name in whole or in part when choosing a domain name. My company is Thoughts and Designs LLC, and my company name is in my domain name. Some solopreneurs and freelancers use their own name as their domain name, which may also work for you.

4 Essential Thoughts on Choosing a Domain Name for your website
Take action
with these recommended next steps:
  1. Brainstorm ideas for your domain name. Make sure they are short, memorable, and fit with your brand.
  2. Use Google to research what comes up when you type in the domain name without the extension.
  3. Check Namecheap to see if your domain name is available, and what your options are.
  4. Make sure your chosen domain name isn’t trademarked by checking with the trademark office.
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