Are we a Great Fit for each other?

Are we a good fit to work together on a web design project?

Not everyone works well together. Here are the kinds of clients I love to serve with my website design skills.

Serving Service Based Businesses & Creatives

If you are a service-based business or a creative entrepreneur we might be a great fit.

I love creating websites for service based businesses and creative entrepreneurs. I have worked with artists, authors, landscapers, bloggers, and more. 

I love working with passionate people.

World-changers, and anyone seeking to make their community a better place energize me. 

I Enjoy Directories, Events, & Conferences

We might be a great fit if you need a web designer and web developer for your directory or major event website. 

I love building complex sites and connecting together information.  

I believe community building and communication can be facilitated, in part,  with great design. 

I'm Particularly Passionate About Women in Our Second Acts

We might be a great fit if you’re planning your second act, as an empty nester, woman of a certain age, ready to finally pursue your passion. 

Me too, sis.

Let’s partner together to build something awesome. 

I support Local Small Business whenever I can

If you believe in the value of your local community and your local small businesses, we might be a great fit. 

I want to help main street businesses grow by helping them with web design services and SEO.

I'm a designer and designers solve problems

Artists make art for art’s sake; designers solve problems.

As a web designer, the primary problem I solve is designing a site that helps your visitors receive and respond to your message.

As a designer, my focus is on meshing beauty with practicality.

If you are ready for results-focused web design, we might be a great fit.

I am more than my work

I am passionate about web design but I recognize there is more to life than just work. 

Time is dedicated daily to doing something creative that isn’t for work. 

I’m protective of my time walking my dog and getting fresh air.

Weekends are free time, and I don’t let work invade that time. 

If you value time to recharge and refresh away from work, we might be a great fit.

If you recognize a need for boundaries around work and around free time, we might be a great fit.

You don't have to do everything in your business yourself.

Let me take your website design project off your already-too-full hands