If you are a service based business that is looking to grow your website conversions and your website traffic, we might be a great fit for one another.

I love working with entrepreneurs who provide a service to their customers. I do not serve many ecommerce businesses, but I have helped service businesses who also have one or two products they needed to optimize on their website. I have also worked with many organizations and event teams.

Many service providers aren’t sure what to put on their website or how to highlight what they do and how they do it. I can help. I’ve helped dozens of service based businesses grow online with their website.

And, I promise to evaluate your current website, if you have one, with integrity. If you don’t truly need a new design, but only some tweaks to help your website perform better, I’ll let you know, and help you achieve the results you desire.

If you’re getting some traffic but nobody is biting at your offer, I can help you tighten up your website layout, messaging, and content. I’ll also help you with your website structure so as to give you the best chance possible at increasing both traffic and conversions on your website.

Does this sound good?

Let’s talk more about your project! Use my scheduling tool below to schedule a time we can talk more about your website. If you have an existing website, it’s really important to let me know the web address so I can check it out in my evaluation before we talk.

I prefer to talk over Zoom or Google Meet, but if web cams aren’t your thing, you can either leave your camera off or we can call on the phone. But if at all possible Zoom works best, so I can share my screen and show you my recommendations.

My Philosophy on Work and Life

I believe life is more than work. In order to be a whole, thriving person, we need to have a proper work life balance. 

If you’re new to being an entrepreneur or working from home, it’s good to set some boundaries from the start. 

I try to take time to realign my body, mind and spirit throughout the day so I’m not just staring at a screen. God didn’t make us only for work (or only for play). 

My working hours

  1. I only respond to my clients during set working hours unless it’s an absolute emergency.

This means, in practical terms, when you are working with me I tend not to respond to anything other than emergencies on weekends and after 5 p.m. EST. I don’t do this because I’m lazy but because there’s more to life than work. If you agree, we’re probably a great fit.

When I returned to freelancing, I decided I didn’t want to be chained to my desk, but have the freedom to enjoy the fruits of my labor. 

Although I do understand emergencies don’t always happen on my schedule, I only handle after hours emergencies that are true emergencies and not just “I didn’t get to this until Sunday morning.”

When I am going out of town, I will let current clients know in advance. I’ll be available for emergencies only.

My preferred method of contact

  1. We might be a great fit for each other if you respect my preferred method of communication by using email or scheduling a call so I can stay on task during working hours. I promise to likewise respect yours.

The best way to contact me is via email. 

I check my email several times per day to make sure I’m not missing anything from clients.

Because I also work hard to stay focused on the task at hand,  I don’t take unscheduled phone calls. I have a scheduler to allow you and I to plan a time to talk. 

If you wouldn’t want me distracted and interrupted while I’m trying to create something wonderful for you, please respect that I don’t like being interrupted and distracted while creating something wonderful for my other clients. 

My Philosophy of Design

When I’m designing something, I don’t focus on subjective things. The most important part of any design is, “Does this accomplish what we need it to accomplish?” 

This is why my design projects always begin with your expectations and goals for the project.

Not everyone is Ready

  1. We might be a great fit for each other if you are ready for a website by having some clarity around your business, your niche, and your audience. 

Despite being someone who makes a living designing websites, I sometimes will tell a potential client that I don’t think they are ready for a website. 

In my experience, if someone is not clear on

  • Who they serve (not everyone)
  • What problems they solve for them
  • Why their customers would choose them
  • How to convey all of this succinctly in website content

…then a website will not likely help them much. 

I believe a website is not the first step in setting up your business online. Instead, it should come after you’ve gotten clarity, through serving others in your niche, and have a good idea of your messaging.

If you just have a vague idea and you’ve never actually done the thing you are planning to do, I’m sorry. A website will not help you much at that stage. 

The other roadblock is Procrastiplanning

  1. We might be a great fit if you are ready for action, rather than locked in an endless cycle of planning without acting in it. A design project will work best when if you aren’t flitting from idea to idea without landing on anything for long. 

On the other side of it, we have what I call Procrastiplanning. That’s where you plan world domination without actually doing anything for months, or years. Maybe decades. 

If, for example, you want to run an art blog, start by writing posts on social media to gauge interest and hone your style. 

Don’t prepare to be a blogger by creating a 5 year content calendar. Interact with the real people you will be serving to figure out your next steps best. 

Action brings clarity. 

(Mostly) No Ego

  1. We might be a great fit for each other if you’re willing to give me constructive, objective and clear feedback in a timely manner.

I have been at this for quite a while. Long enough to have my ego disconnected from feedback I receive (mostly ha ha). I don’t pout if a client doesn’t like something. 

I think it’s funny that many clients mention this in the feedback they give me. Apparently it’s uncommon?  We artists are a sensitive bunch.

I may explain why an idea may or may not work well for your project from a UX perspective, but ultimately you’re the client. 

However, as an experienced designer with a focus on providing an awesome user experience (UX) in my designs, while creating accessible designs and helping you achieve your goals, it’s important that you also are willing to be open to the suggestions I make based on current best practices. 

User Experience is Key to great design

  1. We might be great fit if you want to give your audience a great user experience with your website or other design project.

I believe that a frictionless user experience is the key to great design. 

If your website visitors cannot easily navigate through your website, or do not naturally gravitate towards the actions you want them to take, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is.

Additionally, I endeavor to always make my websites as accessible as possible to those with disabilities who may be using your website. 

I will make suggestions based on current best practices and web standards for a great user experience and an accessible website for all.

Design around the Message

We might be a great fit for each other if you have created the content for your website, or have a plan for getting your content together for your website. 

I am a content-first website designer and developer. What that means is, we start with the content for your website, and then move on to the design and development of it. 

I design around what message we are conveying to your users, from your value proposition, testimonials, and products to your style of blog posts. 

Think of design as a tool that helps your message get noticed, understood, and responded to. How you lay out your message is as important as the message itself

If you don’t have content written yet for your website, I can help you develop your content or recommend some experienced copywriters in your niche. Let me know. 

I also have several blog posts on crafting content for your website. 

Data driven Websites and Marketing

I believe marketing, messaging, and design cannot take place in a vacuum (or inside our own heads).

When I create websites, I always install Google Analytics, any remarketing pixels appropriate for your website’s niche (Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Pixel, etc.), and I connect it to Google Search Console. 

These tools allow you, as a website user, to view non-identifying data about your website visitors and their behavior on your website, so you can pinpoint potential problems that need attention, or popular pages and posts to highlight. 

What do you think?

If all of this sounds like it aligns with what you want out of your website, let’s talk! 

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