Kimberly Eddy

Kimberly Eddy is a website designer and author who helps others grow through effective design and helpful resources.

She writes articles, books, and creates other digital resources on the topic of personal growth, practical money management, and growing a business from $0, all based on personal experience.

Her content is primarily geared towards women in their second acts, ready to pursue their passion projects.

Kimberly Eddy is an author , website designer, and educator in Thomasville GA

Kimberly Eddy’s mission is to make the world a better place through awesome design and practical encouragement.


Kimberly is a native of the Detroit, Michigan area, and a graduate of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, where she studied graphic design and graduated with a studio focus called Industrial Media.

Following her graduation, Kimberly moved to Austria for a few years before returning to the Detroit area where she met her husband, Martin, a skilled tradesman. They have five grown children and two grandchildren, so far. The Eddy’s have lived in Thomasville, GA since 2023.

Kimberly Eddy has been working on and off in design and writing since the early 1990s. She began designing websites in 2004, on top of graphic design. After a COVID-era job loss, Kimberly began freelancing full time, with her LLC, Thoughts and Designs.

Money Saving Books and Encouragement

Most of Kimberly’s experience with saving money and practical money management came out of a time shortly after her youngest child was born. The family saw their income plummet because of job loss and the outsourcing of manufacturing work shortly after buying a farmhouse in rural Michigan. Kimberly Eddy diligently searched for ways to lower expenses and increase income during this time.

The empathy and wisdom born out of these times, as well as the grace she experienced, now serve as a guiding principle in Kimberly’s writing and business.


In her free time, Kimberly loves to read, paint, draw, garden, and explore her new hometown area. She’s still drinking her way through the many coffee shops in a 50 mile radius of Thomasville. The Eddy’s share their empty nest with their Keeshond, Indy, as well as two Maine coon cats, Rocket and Loki.

Books by Kimberly Eddy

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