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I read past my bedtime graphic illustration for t-shirts and merch

Reading-Themed Graphics for Merch

I created these reading themed graphics as part of a collection of books and reading themed t-shirts and other merch available on print on demand websites like Spreadshirt and Zazzle. Each of these graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator.

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Me and Coffee are a thing t-shirt and merch design

Me + Coffee T-shirt and Merch Design

One of my favorite types of “fun’ projects are t-shirt and merch design projects. This design was created for a t-shirt company selling on Print on Demand websites like Spreadshirt and Red Bubble. The graphic reads “Me + Coffee are a thing”, with a whimsical design.

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caffeine t-shirt and merch design

Born with It T-shirt and Merch Design

I love creating t-shirt and merch design. This is a design for t-shirts and other merch that reads, “Maybe she’s born with it; Maybe it’s caffeine.” This design is available on t-shirts, mugs, and other merch on Print on Demand websites such as Zazzle, Spreadshirt, and Red Bubble.

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Logo Design for Essential Oils and Herbal

Essential Oil and Herbal Logo design

This client runs a farm stand with primarily herbs and herbal products. She also sells essential oils on the side. She wanted a simple logomark she could use on business cards, t-shirts, bags, receipts, labels, and so forth.  Her requirements were:  Must contain leaves  Must contain a something about oil  Must be simple enough to

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Bookstore Logo Design reads Choose Your Adventure with a vintage style engraved book illustration

Bookstore Logo: Choose Your Adventure

The client wanted a modern but “vintage, old book feel” to their logo. I created an etched style open book for the background in Adobe Illustrator with a stylized ribbon underneath and arched text over the book. The tagline for the bookstore is “Choose Your Adventure” and I loved that so much that I wanted

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Edelweiss Graphic Illustration in Teal and Gold

Edelweiss Graphic Illustration

This illustration was a quick graphic a client needed me to create for a project. Their logo has a very old Edelweiss illustration in it, using shades of teal, and they wanted an improved Edelweiss graphic to use on T-shirts, tote bags, rubber stamps, receipts and labels. Edelweiss Graphic Iterations Local Graphic Design for Local

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Wesleyan Woods Campground Flyer with Treasure map Theme, designed to look antique and aged, with hand drawn elements

Hand Illustrated Treasure Map Campground Flyers

This is the annual brochure design for Wesleyan Woods Campground for 2016, featuring their activities in a hand illustrated Treasure Map theme. I created the brochure and flyer design for “Searching for Treasure”, which was the 2016 campground theme. To help this design look aged, I hand drew many of the elements, including the Treasure

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