The Website Content Workbook


Need help writing for the web? Not sure what to say in your website content? Let The Website Content Workbook help you write effective content for your website!

Have you found writing for the web harder than imagined? Not sure what to say on your website content?

Let The Website Content Workbook help you write effective content for your website!

Have you spent far too long staring at a blank screen, trying to figure out what to say on your website? Is writing for the web a task you keep putting off?

You’re not alone in your struggle to develop website content! Many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with writing for the web.

I’ve been helping clients by designing and fixing websites for fifteen years now, and this is a common struggle. So common, in fact, I did something about it!

You probably had all kinds of exciting things envisioned for your website. But you didn’t realize just how difficult writing content for your own website would be!

Who is The Website Content Workbook for?

I’ve developed this easy to use guided journey workbook to provide tips on writing for the web, plus writing prompts and content helps for

  • entrepreneurs
  • side hustlers
  • creative entrepreneurs
  • small business people
  • anyone starting an online business

This Workbook is an Instantly Downloadable Interactive PDF

What does that mean?

Download instantly and start writing content immediately! With the interactive PDF features, you can work on-screen or print out your own copy if you prefer pen and paper.
You’ll get over 50 pages of instructions to get you started and writing exercises to help you write effective website content.

Do I need special software to open this file?

As a pdf, you can open this file in any PDF reader available for free. In fact, most computers come with a PDF reader installed. Some interactive features may not be available in all pdf readers, but you can still open it and print it out. If you’re on an iOS device, GoodReader is a great app for interactive pdf’s. On Android, Xodo is the go-to app.

Read what others are saying about the Website Content Workbook

“This is exactly what I needed! I could finally get my web copy written with this workbook!” ~ Amy H.

“Just a few days after writing some fresh copy for my website based on this workbook, I actually have sales! Thank you!” ~ Kristen D.

“I love this book! It\’s nicely laid out and full of helpful information!” ~ Ruby S.

From the Introduction

I’ve put this workbook together for you, using my experience and skills as a web designer for over fifteen years, as well as a graphic designer who has helped create social media content for clients. Over those years, I’ve noticed my clients struggle to write content for their website, especially content that gets them the results they are hoping for. Writing for the web is a skill many entrepreneurs struggle with.

Your workbook will guide you towards creating content for your website and social media (as well as email marketing, if you go that route) that helps your customer base, attracts your target audience, and helps you reach your business goals. This workbook covers all aspects of writing for the web.

So, how should you use this writing for the web workbook, ideally?

I designed this workbook to be pretty step by step and straightforward as you improve your writing for the web.

Most of the exercises in this workbook require you to think about some things you may not have thought about before, as you consider taking your business or side hustle online. Most of these exercises came from my learning as I pivoted away from marketing locally to marketing online and creating my content for my website and social media, or helping my clients do the same.

Web Content Mistakes and Fixes

As someone with experience helping clients with their websites and social media assets, the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed revolve around a common theme:

  • Not nailing down who your customers are
  • Not knowing what they want or need from you
  • Not understanding how your business helps them
  • And not spelling out what it is you do for them clearly.

A huge part of this writing for the web workbook is figuring out how you uniquely help others, what problems you solve for them, and how to write content for the web and social media that attracts those customers and clients towards your solutions.

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