Kim Eddy Thomasville Georgia Website Designer and WordPress Expert, originally from Michigan

About Kim Eddy

Hello! I'm Kim, the owner of Thoughts and Designs, and I specialize in creating user-friendly, high-converting WordPress Websites

 I  have over 18 years of experience designing websites for clients, and over 30 years of experience in Graphic Design. I have a particular passion for event and directory websites.

I’m a Michigan native who transplanted to Thomasville, Georgia, exploring coffee shops, used bookstores, and artsy stuff whenever I am not helping to bring your design project to life.

My mission is to positively impact small businesses, organizations and their communities with awesome design for the web.

You're checking my site out because you don't want to build your own site

I believe we should stay in our own zone of genius. For me, this is website design and optimization. 

For you, your zone of genius is probably not building websites

That’s what I’m here for.

I'm a designer and a designer solves problems

The main problem I solve is this:

How do I organize and display my client’s message so that their clients and customers understand and respond?

I believe in work-life balance

I believe in work life balance, which means unless something is on fire (literally or figuratively), I don’t answer emails or messages on the weekend, and I take time off. 

I believe you should too. 

I believe in being involved in and supporting fellow local businesses

As an entrepreneur and small businesswoman, especially as one who serves small business with my skills, I support local small business as much as possible. 

This support includes:

  • shopping with them and hiring them.
  • interacting with their social media posts to give them a boost (it helps the social media algorithms).
  • being an encouraging voice in a negative society.
  • sharing my knowledge where I can, even if someone is not a customer.
  • recommending them to others when applicable.
  • getting involved in my local community where possible, including my neighborhood, my church, my town, local civic groups like Toastmasters, and my local business community.

More About Kim Eddy

I’ve been an entrepreneur since my second year of college at Northern Michigan University.

After graduation, I backpacked across central and Eastern Europe, then lived and worked in Austria.

I’ve been married since 1992, and I have five adult kids and two grandkids.

We have a dog (a Keeshond) named Indy.

We also have a black cat named Loki and a gray Maine Coon named Rocket.

Rocket is the one you often see during Zoom meetings. 

Indy wandering around Thomasville, GA - About Kim Eddy, Website Designer
Loki my black kitty - About Kim Eddy
Rocket, the maine coon attention hog - About Kim Eddy

Passions and Pursuits

  • I have a passion for art and coffee
  • I believe in Loving God and Loving People in any way I can.
  • I read. Alot. 
  • I love to dabble in hand lettering, pen and ink sketching, and watercolor.
  • I collect quotes, verses, song lyrics, memes, and any humorous or inspirational sayings.
  • In mid 2023, my husband and I moved to Thomasville, Georgia.

I'm not old, I'm experienced

  • I was born the same day as the internet. 
  • I’m a grandma who designs websites (insert your own joke here).
  • I believe experience and time teaches us more than college. 
  • I love serving women in their second act, as we are a passionate bunch. We have to do something with that insomnia.

You don't have to do everything in your business yourself.

Let me take your website design project off your already-too-full hands