Protecting Each Other: Proposals & Contracts

about web design proposals and contracts

Design Proposals and Contracts ensure we both agree what will be done.

Recapping our agreement: The Design Proposal

After we both verbally agree about what work will be done, I’ll draw up a web design proposal. This proposal recaps what we agreed on. 

If what I’ve written sounds correct, I’ll draw up a contract based on this proposal.

This avoids frustrations and misunderstandings. A written design proposal that we both agree upon protects both client and designer.

Making it official: The Design Contract

I’ll send a contract via Adobe Sign for us each to digitally sign. 

The contract covers the terms of the proposal, plus the legal details, such as who owns what when the site design is finished. 

Let's Talk About Money

My web design packages start at $1500, and average $3000-5000. 

My rate for fixing website errors or making minor fixes for you a la carte is $100/hour. 

I require a 50% deposit before I schedule your web design project.

Are there cheaper designers out there? Sure.

People hire me all the time to fix messes "cheaper" designers made.

You don't have to do everything in your business yourself.

Let me take your website design project off your already-too-full hands