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1. Share the details when you sign up

Be sure to share as much detail as you can about your concerns so I can better prepare for our meeting.  This includes:
  • Your current website (if you have one)
  • The project you’re thinking about
  • Any errors or issues you’re struggling with on your current site.

By sharing this with me in the form above when you schedule, I can prepare for our meeting and have an action plan ready for you.

2. Make sure your webcam and especially your microphone work BEFORE the meeting.

I prefer to conduct these meetings over Google Meet (a free video conferencing service). This way I can share my screen with you while we talk. 

Talking over camera is a little more personal than talking over phone. 

3. Cancel or Reschedule if Necessary

Things come up. I get it. 

No worries. Just let me know, and we’re good.

If you could, please reschedule your meeting with me using the button on the email you received when you signed up (check spam if you can’t find it), or else message me using my contact form to let me know. This way I’m not waiting around. 

Meetings FAQ