Is your website bringing in some traffic but generating no sales or leads? Would you like to change that? Book a call with me and we’ll discuss what we can do about that.

I’d love to offer you a free, no-obligation 30 minute chat about your website and what could help your website do more for you and your business.

What we’ll talk about when you book a call

When you book a call with me about your website, let me know what your web address is (if you have one), and any other information that concerns you about your website. I’ll look over your website, and I promise to give you at least three actionable changes you can make to your website to improve your site and grow your business.

(Can I confess something to you? When you book a call with me, I usually share more than just three. :))

I prefer to do these calls over Zoom or Google Meet, because I find it helpful to share my screen and point to things on your website while we talk. If this isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. We can use telephone, even though I don’t find it as helpful because you can’t see what I’m pointing at.

Use my scheduler below to book a call (choose a day that’s highlighted), and I’ll hop on a call with you at our appointed time.

Talk to you soon!


How do I use Zoom or Google Meet?

Super easy! When you book a call with me, you’ll get a notification about the meeting and that will come with a meeting link. Just click on the link, and your computer will automatically open up either Zoom or Google Meet. Before our call gets started, make sure you have Zoom installed (it’s free!), over at or be logged into your Google account if you prefer to use Google Meet.

We can do this via your mobile phone, but as I’ll be sharing my screen and showing you recommendations on your website, it will be easier if you use a computer or laptop.

A speaker and microphone (or earbuds with microphone) is necessary for the meeting so you can hear me and I can hear you. But if you aren’t comfortable having your video camera on when you book a call with me, that’s okay.

What if I like the way my website looks?

That’s okay! Here’s an important thing to remember. It’s not just about the style of the website, but how the site is structured, some of the wording, and so forth. Some of my recommendations may not involve changing the look of the website, or if we do, not changing it too much.

Are you going to try to sell me something?

Yes….but….I will make suggestions based on my years of experience and the dozens of websites I’ve helped (plus the more than 200 websites I’ve done white label work on for other companies), whether or not you decide to hire me to help you grow your website. My feelings are not hurt either way.

I pride myself on running my business with integrity. When you book a call with me, I do not go into this trying to squeeze as much as I can out of a fellow entrepreneur. I’m here to help you grow first and foremost. Many times, I suggest to those I talk with that they don’t actually need a full redesign, just some tweaks in different areas.

Book a call to learn at least three actionable steps to improve your website and get more leads from it.
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