Better Words: What to Say on Your Website

Writing your website copy can be overwhelming to the novice. I wrote this book about website copywriting to help.

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What I love about Better Words: What to say on your website

Readers on Amazon say:

“This was a very informative book that addresses the needs of your website but ALSO gives great insight to general business practices as well. Easy to read and follow with very personal experiences to back up her thoughts. Well worth the read!!”

“Kim Eddy clearly has the know how to help you move forward with your website goals!”

Writing website content can be a real struggle. Not sure what to say on your website? You’re not alone.

This is why I wrote Better Words. As a web designer and developer with over 18 years of experience, I have helped my clients figure out what to say on their website for maximum effectiveness. Writing your website copy can be overwhelming to the novice. I wrote this book about website copywriting to help.

Get your message right first

What you say on your website is more important than most other parts of your site. If you don’t get your message right, no amount of pretty web design is going to make your website succeed the way you expect it to.

After all, your website is all about communicating your message to your potential customers and clients. That starts with crafting better words for your website.

Whether you’re considering getting a website for your business, or you have a website that isn’t meeting your expectations, Better Words will help you get your website’s words working for you.

Content is a crucial part of the design process.

At the heart of good design is using design to communicate your message effectively. I believe the words you use on your website are foundational to your website, working hand in hand with the design elements.

This book will guide you towards creating content for your website and social media (as well as email marketing, if you go that route) that helps your customer base, attracts your target audience, and helps you reach your goals.

Better Words works as your guide for a solid foundation.

Unlike most books on website content, Better Words focuses on marketing principles as it relates to writing, to help you write the content you need to help your website increase in visibility and conversions.

In Better Words, you’ll find:

  • Marketing, planning and writing principles working hand in hand
  • Practical application across different online platforms
  • How to use your website as a hub to send your target audience to.
  • How to optimize your content with readers and search engines (SEO) in mind.
  • Next steps at the end of each chapter to put these principles into action.

Are you ready to level up your website and marketing? Let’s get started.

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