Web Design Tips for Increasing Conversions

Increasing Conversions on a Website

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How do you design a website to do what you want it to do for your company? This is the topic of an article by Minuca Elena that I was interviewed for recently.


In terms of web design (and marketing), “conversions” refers to your customer taking the action you want them to take. This usually means sales, subscriptions or some other desired action.

Minuca has a rather long and insightful post featuring dozens of web designers and marketers offering their insights into creating a website with increased conversions in mind. I recommend you read all of it. It’s a bit long, but full of great information, so be sure to book mark Web Design Tips for Increasing Conversions.

My thoughts on designing for increased conversions

Web Design Tips for Increasing Website Conversions

I shared with Minuca Elena these thoughts on designing for increased conversions:

Focus is the key. To increase conversions on a website, home in on what you want your visitor to do on each page.

Limit your calls to action to one clear, primary call to action per page. Too often, it’s tempting to add multiple calls to action on a website or fill pages with unnecessary clutter.

This is especially true with websites that offer a variety of products and services. Website owners want to draw attention to all of it, all at once. But what ends up happening is the opposite.

When you don’t have a clear focus on each page, nothing stands out. Even if your visitors can’t verbalize it, this lack of clarity makes it difficult for them to make a decision. When the visitor can’t decide what to do next, they leave.

When you make it absolutely clear what you want your website visitor to do on a page, you will increase your conversions and lower the frustrations of your customers.

Kimberly Eddy, Thoughts and Designs LLC
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