How to start each day with gratitude

Three key techniques that help me start my day with more thankfulness and gratitude

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How to start each day with gratitude

Do you struggle with gratitude and thankfulness in your everyday life?

Many do.

I have to be intentional with my gratitude to keep my outlook positive. I spiral into negativity far too easily.

I’ve found starting each day with gratitude helps my brain see the good in each day. Here are some tricks that help me most of the time.

View your to-do list as your “get to do” list

What this means is reframing your daily tasks. I don’t have to work on a client’s website; I get to work on my client’s website. I’m privileged to work from home and grow my business on my terms. I’m blessed to get to use the internet, versus pounding the pavement as we used to do.  

Yes, that makes me sound old. It’s still true.

Note what improves your frame of mind

How to start each day with gratitude. Three techniques for more gratitude in your life.

I can’t tell you what that is for you. For me, it’s a combo of a few things.

  • Good music
  • Inspiring podcasts
  • Reading and meditating on inspiring quotes
  • Looking at beautiful artwork

Once I realized this, I changed my mornings.

I started my days with some of each of those things. I wake up with a shorter, uplifting podcast while I have coffee. Then I walk on the treadmill with wonderful music. I follow up with some quotes that encourage me. Finally, I love looking at the art and design of others online.

This is so much better than my earlier morning agenda.

  • Wake up,
  • check Facebook,
  • have coffee,
  • complain to myself about not having enough time to do whatever offends me today.

(Note: if checking Facebook helps you start the day with a positive frame of mind, go for it. I find it drags me down, but your results may vary).

What puts you in a great mood: music, podcasts, people, inspiring quotes, artwork? Make that part of your morning.

Pick three things to be thankful for today

Next up, I consider three things that I’m going to be thankful for today. This can include anything on my get to do list, or something relating to the podcasts and music I just listened to. I just make a note of three things I’m thankful for, and I list them off whenever I feel irritation coming on.

That’s not to say it’s wrong to ever be upset. It’s not. It’s natural and normal.

Our emotions are part of life.

What I am saying is this. If you stay in that state of being perpetually crabby, complaining, and annoyed, you’re going to be miserable, and so is everyone around you.

Acknowledge when things suck. Then look to positives that share space with the negatives. And give thanks.

Take action
with these recommended next steps:
  1. Brainstorm what puts you in a great mood. Figure out a way to make those things a part of your mornings. It doesn’t have to be BIG, just some small thing to put a smile on your face.
  2. Every morning, write down three things you’re going to choose to be thankful for today.
  3. Feel all your emotions, but don’t let yourself spiral into the pit of despair with them. Even when something is bad, it’s not likely all bad.
  4. Use a planner or app to record your gratitude thoughts, and make thankfulness a habit. I created the Let’s Live with Gratitude journal to help with that.
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