Where to store your personal mission statement

For your personal mission statement to be effective, you need to keep it in front of you as much as possible. Here are some great ideas for just that.

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Where to store your personal mission statement

It’s one thing to write your Personal Mission Statement. It’s another thing to remind yourself continually of what you decided when you created your personal mission statement.

Your mission statement (and vision board if you have one) won’t help you if you make it, then never look at it again.

The best way for your personal mission statement to work for you is to refer to it when deciding, planning our days and weeks, deciding on direction for your business, and so forth.

For example, recently I had a job offer that sounded great, but there were a few issues with that offer that I had already decided on in both my Personal Mission Statement and my vision board. I already knew that, if I wanted to get where I wanted to be several years down the road, I had to stay on the current path and say no to the offer that promised some temporary benefit.

In fact, the words of my personal mission statement rang in my head as I read the email offer.

It also inspires me to say no to clients sometimes.

This is huge for me. I’m a reformed people pleaser. Saying no to potential clients that aren’t a good fit for either of us benefits the potential client and benefits me. I only want to serve those I can serve best.

It’s scary, but Thoughts & Designs has continued to grow because of deciding on that as part of my mission.

So, where to I display my personal mission statement after I create it?

Many of these ideas are like the ideas I told you earlier. You can read my post about storing your Vision Board, so check that out too.

Put your Personal Mission Statement on an Index Card or Cards

I write my personal mission statement on an index card, which I keep with the cards containing my vision board.

I also have another index card with it written out on my desk, so I look at it all day long. It’s a great reminder.

Put your Personal Mission Statement on your Computer Wallpaper

I am at my computer regularly, as a web designer. I displayed mine on one of my computer screens as wallpaper. I have a dual monitor setup, and one monitor has my vision board, while the other one has an image I created in Canva of my Personal Mission Statement.

Save your Personal Mission Statement in Your Phone as a Reminder

I created a note on my phone with my personal mission statement. This note will remind me every day at 7 am. This means, every morning at 7 am, I open that note and read my Personal Mission Statement, just as I’m started my day, or more accurately, nursing my second cup of coffee and listening to Joni Mitchell.

Put your Personal Mission Statement in Clickup

I mentioned in my post about Vision Boards; I have a folder in my ClickUp personal space dedicated to my vision board, long- and short-term goals, and my personal mission statement.

In the list for my personal mission statement, I list out each of my mission statements – mission statements dedicated to my role as an individual, in my family, and as an entrepreneur and designer. As with the Vision board, the default view is board view, and I included images for visual appeal.

Write your Personal Mission Statement in your Bullet Journal

Where to store your personal mission statement

I don’t bullet journal in the usual sense of the word, but I keep a traveler’s notebook setup bullet journal style for goals, dreams, ideas and so forth. In this, I have my personal mission statements for every area of my life.

Your personal mission statement benefits you if you remind yourself of it and make your decisions based on it. Think of some creative ways to display and use it regularly, so you live life based on your values instead of reacting to life as it happens to you.

Take action
with these recommended next steps:
  1. Figure out the best place to keep your personal mission statement, so you see it and read it regularly.
  2. Consider your planner or calendar app for storing a reminder with it, so you get a notification every day.
  3. Use it to remember what you have chosen to prioritize as you made decisions throughout your life.
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