You’re Going to LOVE This WordPress Theme

Before I found the Astra theme, I used to pick out a new WordPress theme for each client

The problem with that plan is simple.

No one has time to learn how to navigate around an entirely new WordPress Theme every time they are building a new website. Every theme has its own quirks and issues.

Then I met the Astra Theme, and we’ve been in a happy professional relationship ever since.  

Friends, you’re going to LOVE this WordPress theme.


Astra advertises itself as fast, lightweight, and highly customizable WordPress theme. Even better, the Astra theme actually lives up to that hype. 

Using only the customizer, I can turn Astra into pretty much anything I want, with mix and match components requiring no coding at all. 

And, in the pro version, there are hundreds of pre-built templates to get you started if you aren’t feeling as adventurous as me.


Whether you’re a professional web designer like me or a small business owner looking for a way to create a gorgeous DIY website on a shoestring, you’ll find the Astra theme is about to be your new best friend. 


Astra WordPress Theme's best features

Astra is a professionally developed theme that is constantly updated, improved, tweaked, and worked on. This is important. Too often, I’ve fallen in love with a theme only to have the support disappear.

In fact, the top-notch support from Astra’s creators over at Brainstorm Force continues to impress me. Their emails almost always get read by me (unless I’m super busy) because their tips are clever, useful, and always on point.

(Take a bow, Brainstorm Force.)

Even worse, I’ve had clients hire me to help with websites with themes that don’t allow anyone to edit easily, update, or customize anything they’ve created. This can be problematic because websites are never really complete. You will be updating and tweaking your website for the rest of its life. You want a WordPress theme you can update and edit easily.

Astra isn’t like that. The Astra theme for WordPress is easily customizable right inside of the WordPress Customizer. They have many variations for website headers, page widths, page footers, menus, and so forth inside of Astra’s theme customizer.

You can also set global fonts, colors, and other design features from the customizer without touching code.

These customizations can happen before you ever crack open a page builder like Elementor.

Speaking of Elementor, they created Astra theme with page builders like Elementor in mind. Page builders are extra plugins allowing code-free customizing for designers who don’t want to learn WordPress development (getting into the code). I’ve written more about Elementor here.

The Astra theme also plays well with ecommerce plugin Woo Commerce. In case you didn’t know, Woo Commerce is the most popular and versatile shopping cart system for WordPress, and not every theme works well with Woo. Astra does.

Astra also works with eLearning plugins like Learn Dash. Another plus as online learning continues to grow. 

My favorite thing about the Astra WordPress Theme

Although it’s hard to pick out one favorite thing about using Astra Theme for WordPress, easy of use ranks up near the top. As someone who builds at least a dozen websites from the ground up each year, and edits many more for clients, a WordPress theme that is easy to use is priceless. Thankfully Astra Pro doesn’t cost that much. The annual license for the pro version is worth every penny.

The Astra Theme for WordPress is easy to customize

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