How the RankMath Plugin helps me improve my search engine ranking

Search Engine Results don't just happen

When someone hires me to build them a website, they usually do it expecting their website will get visitors. But, as I often remind my clients, creating a website and then driving traffic to that website are two different things.

Your website won’t just appear at the top of Google searches without some work put in.

Thankfully, there are some tools available to us to help ease making our website as search engine friendly as we might make it. My favorite tool for this task is a WordPress Plugin called RankMath, which I use on my website.

RankMath is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for WordPress websites. This plugin makes it easier for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely accepted best practices for SEO.

What does that mean for you?

With RankMath, you can easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages search engines index, and how you want your website to appear in search with Schema.

With Rank Math, I have seen a dramatic uptick in organic search traffic on my website. I’ve let the plugin teach me how to tailor my content for what my audience is searching for on the search engines. Plus, it takes care of the Schema markup for search rich snippets, which I explain on my blog.

Tools that easily help you grow

Unlike other plugins I’ve used before, like Yoast SEO (which seems to be the most popular), RankMath does more than remind me to choose and use keywords. RankMath lets me see how every post and page is ranking right from my WordPress Dashboard.

I love that I’m able to view search traffic, impressions, clicks total keywords, click-through rates, average position, and so on for each page or post. I can see all the keywords this piece of content is ranking in the top 100 for. Yay.

Within RankMath, I’m also able to integrate with other platforms like Google, Google Search Console, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. No more pasting code from these platforms into my website’s theme. It’s right there in Rankmath.

Maybe I just notice the huge timesaver this is because I build websites for a living.

As a website developer, I appreciate is how small and efficient this plugin is. Rankmath doesn’t slow my site down. This is huge, because Google does factor in page load time into your search engine ranking. It’s counterproductive to have your SEO plugin slowing down your site, right?

I’m a little on the competitive side, so I love it when I can gamify some relatively boring aspect of my work. That’s why I love Rankmath’s list of the posts and the keywords that performed best each week. It’s like watching soapbox derby for SEO nerds.

I know I’m probably the only person on the planet who gets a thrill looking at a graph in Rank Math showing my traffic and SERP rank trending upward.

Along these lines, I can also keep track of changes in position on the SERPs. Did one of my posts or pages move up or down in the search engine results this week? This is helpful information to know if you want to grow your website and develop a consistent flow of traffic.

I can check all of this out in my dashboard, and I have it set up, so Rank Math emails me reports each week.

Next up on the list of things I love about Rank Math is Schema. I’ve written a few blog posts about Schema (what it is and why it’s important).

Gotta be honest here for a moment.

Even though I work in tech and build websites, it took me an embarrassingly long time to wrap my brain around Schema markup. It wasn’t until someone introduced me to RankMath that I grasped the exciting possibilities Schema presented for user friendliness to my visitors and help in the search engines.

In short, Schema is a kind of markup that helps the search engines understand exactly what my content is for (article, news, how-to, recipe, product, etc.?), so that Google and other search engines can show it to the right people, and display the preview in the SERP with some added context, such as star ratings for products.

RankMath SEO helps you rank better so you can grow your website traffic

The Most Incredible Part?

This small bit I’ve mentioned on this page only includes my favorite parts of RankMath! There’s so much more this amazing plugin can do for you.

Look, Professional SEO help can be crazy expensive.

Is it worth it to have your own dedicated SEO specialist? Sure!

But if you are just starting out and cash strapped, like many new entrepreneurs, a great AFFORDABLE first step is RankMath.

There is a free version of Rank Math, which is good, but the Pro version is worth every penny (and with it being under $100, it’s a bargain compared to other plugins). With the pro, you have significantly more features to help you grow.

Check it out!

How the RankMath Plugin helps me improve my search engine ranking

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